Unit VIII Homework
June 4, 2020
Complete the Topic 8 Short Answer Worksheet.
June 4, 2020
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1.For decades organizations have experienced increased workplace diversity. We have understood diversity most often in terms of race, color, religion, ethnicity, age, gender and disability. Our focus for this discussion is “Thought Diversity”. What is thought diversity? Is it important to organizational success? As a manager how would you facilitate the emergence of diverse intelligence at all levels of your organization? Please be specific. Support your view with at least two references. 2.Suppose that you are a senior manager in a unionized organization. How might you use Porter’s Five Forces Model to collaborate and be more transparent with your union leadership regarding changing global forces that are impacting the company? Create a specific example. Use a minimum of one reference to support your response.

1. Thought diversity is the inclusion of individuals who are diverse in their thought process, viewpoint, style of thinking and approach of solving a problem. Thought diversity leads to inclusion of a variety of ideas and approaches that may boost problem solving through creative thinking and innovation.

As a manager the most effective ideas to promote and nurture the diversity of thought are listed below.

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a. Hiring the people with diversity.

b. Encouraging the emergence if different viewpoints.

c. Encourage dialogue within and between teams to fecilitate exchange of ideas.

d. Inclusion of variety of thoughts in decision making.




2. The union leadership should be brought into discussion about the challenges posed by the global forces and a collaborative strategy should be formed with greater inclusion of union in the critical thinking and decision making process to be more competitive and be able to combat the external forces more effectively for long term sustainability. The Porter’s five forces may be utilized for collaboration in following way.

a. Threat fo new entrants – Being more cost effective, productive and quality conscious will help the organization to tackle the new players effectively with established value in minds of customers.

b. Threat of substitutes – Being innovative, collaborative and enterprising at the organizational level will help to adapt to changes in the business environment, making the organization adjust to any new situation efforlessly while keeping an eye on the changes to meet the demands of future.

c. Industry rivalry – To score over the industry rivals by integrating all functions of organization and unification of approach, leading to higher productivity.

d. Bargaining power of buyers – Collaborative approach for creating value for the cutomers by offering them right products at the right price and time / place. Create innovative products to exceed the customers’ expectations so switching to the competitors is difficult.

e. Bargaining power of suppliers – Using employee solidarity as a tool to create integrated channels of supply and distribution to avoid disruption by supply varitions.


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