In your opinion, are the “other” dimensions of diversity likely to have a greater or a lesser…
June 30, 2020
Every night the employees who work at the salon predict how many guests will come in on the next…
June 30, 2020
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1. In a dimensional model, if you want to capture history for a slowly changing dimension, what… 1 answer below »

1. In a dimensional model, if you want to capture history for a slowly changing dimension, what Methodology would you use? A. Type I Slowly Changing Dimension B. Type II Slowly Changing Dimension C. Type III Slowly Changing Dimension D. Type IV slowly Changing Dimension 2. When you open a sales.rpd file in the BI Server repository directory, it displays a message “The repository sales.rpd can only be opened as Read-Only. Do you want to open it ?”. What is the correct statement ? A. Oracle BI Presentation services is running B. Sales.rpd file can be opened only in the Online mode C. Oracle BI Server is running and Sales.rpd is the default repository D. None of the above 3. What do you use to Model a schema where the dimension table and the fact table have a many t o many relationship ? A. Complex Join B. Aggregate Table C. Helper Table D. Split Table E. Bridge Table 4. Which layer within the Oracle BI Repository provides customized, role based views to users who build analyses and other client applications ? A. Physical Layer B. ETL Layer C. Business Model and Mapping Layer D. Presentation Layer 5. What is the name of the object that is used to initialize dynamic repository variable and system session variables for OBIEE Sessions ? A. Tokens B. Variables C. Initialization Blocks D. Meta Tags 6. You can assign Administration & management rights to users / groups for answers/ dashboards or more products from? A. Manage Sessions B. Manage Interactive Dashboard C. Manage Privilege D. Manage Presentation catalog group or users 7. Which is not valid type of set operation for combine with similar request? A. Union B. Intersect C. Minus D. SubSet 8. How can you show updated changes made to online rpd, without restarting BI Services? A. Restart Java Host Services (Weblogic / oc4j) B. Reload EPT C. Reload Server Metadata D. Refresh Display 9. If you want to limit / restrict data based on some dimension attribute, you should: A. Use Filter option B. Use Function Option C. Use Column Format Option D. Use Sorting Option 10. Bins created in function are similar to: A. Case Statement of Expression Function B. Cast Statement of Conversion Function C. Count Statement of Aggregate Function D. RCount of Running Aggregate Function


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