For this assignment, you will write a case study analysis that focuses on the communication strategy of an organization of your choice. In this assignment, you will need to a) summarize the communicate
January 7, 2021
1.Johnny’s company, Western Memorabilia, is highly focused on credibility. He decided to include a very robust
January 7, 2021
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1. Jackson Hole Traveler is a print magazine and a website for visitors to the Jackson area. In addition to

1. Jackson Hole Traveler is a print magazine and a website for visitors to the Jackson area. In addition to

sharing advertising content, they develop stories about traveling to Jackson. For example, there is a top 10 list of places to visit. By delivering this extra value to consumers, they would be considered a _______.

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brand ambassador

thought leader


content aware

2. Dave’s Depot, a burger joint, is developing your content for their brand. Dave’s Depot should create content such as:

history of Dave’s Depot and Dave

summer menu for a cookout, including a grilled hamburger recipe

share information about the county fair where he is having a booth

all of the above

3. Amy’s Animal Crackers brand sells animal crackers, but also creates content for mom’s. Including, what to pack for a picnic, summer activities for little kids and recipes. Which of the following categories has the best business goal for her?

customer upsell

customer service

passionate subscribers

brand awareness

4. Lucky’s Lemonade is promoting their tasty summertime beverages through unique content they develop for their website and social media. They always run it by themselves and their spouses to determine if it’s appropriate for their target market. This is the perfect way to test the market.



5. Jamba Juice is having a hard time buying attention through advertising, the results are dismal. They need to earn it through content marketing.



6. The Holiday Inn launched a new summer travel program and to increase visibility the company should release it through

all of the above

7. The Adopt A Pup campaign launched by a local pet adoption agency sent e-newsletters with a strong focus on what the agency accomplished over the last year. The newsletter focused on everything they did over the last year and didn’t focus on the audience. This is called __________.

me-mail marketing

strategic marketing

authentic marketing

market share

8. The Grand Music Festival sells _________ on it’s website, which gives advertisers branded exposure.

cost per click (CPC)


cost per thousand (CPM)


9. Dave’s Donuts wants to build an email list to reach his customers. He wants to update them on special offers, hours of operation and new flavors. He put his opt-in form

Facebook Page


Email Signature

all of the above

10. Before the Arts Center sends out an email it ensures it has a physical address.




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