Assignment: IT Outsourcing Paper

IT Outsourcing PaperWrite a 5 page paper that discusses the various aspects of outsourcing the IT function from an organization. Address the following questions in your paper:1. What are the determining factors that may lead to a decision to proceed with outsourcing? What factors might lead the manager to not consider outsourcing?2. What are the risks associated with outsourcing the IT function?3. What are the benefits associated with an outsourcing effort?4. Where do the costs originate in an outsourcing agreement, and what are some examples of the dollar impacts that might be expected?What are the implications to the business organizational structure by using an outsourced IT department as well as the potential personnel issue that may arise?In conclude references and citations.  Down payment and remainder of payment is due on Friday 10/31/2014  a total flat rate of $25.00Strategy management 5Strategy Management 13Strategy Knowledge ManagementOpen my PDF

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