BIS 320 Week 4 assignment

Discuss with your team how the bookstores address security concerns including legal and privacy aspects of their websites and business.Discuss with your team how the Week Four objectives relate to the bookstore project.Prepare an outline that includes concepts from Weeks One through Four to detail your research for the bookstore project.Click the Assignment Files tab to submit your assignment.Readings: Burtescu, E. (2009). Database security–Attacks an controls methods. Journal of Applied Quantitative Methods, 4(4), 449-454. Lampson, B. (2009). Privacy and security: Usable security: How to get it. Communications of the ACM, 52(11), 25-27. Martins, J., Dos Santos, H., & Nunes, P. (2009). Security framework for information systems. Proceedings of the European Conference on Informations Warfare & Security, 164-176. MIS_Essentials_3e_Ch02.pdf

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