ECE 354 W2 Assessment & Intervention During Early Childhood D2

Understanding how to read and analyze a standardized test report is important.  Watch the video, Understanding and Administering the Iowa Tests of Basic Skills, which can be accessed through the Films on Demand database and explains how to interpret a standardized test report.  Using the information shared in the video and in Chapter 4 of the textbook, you will analyze one of the test reports below.  In your analysis, make sure to address whether the test in the report is norm referenced, criterion referenced, or a combination of both and how you know.  In addition, analyze the test report’s stanines, percentile ranks, two academic areas of strengths, and two academic areas of weakness.  You can choose to submit your analysis as a written response, or you can create a Jing to share your analysis.  Provide a link to your Jing in your discussion post. Choose one of the Stanford reports in the table below to complete your analysis. Test Report Location Type of Report Chapter 4 – Figure 4.6 Individual student report Chapter 4 – Figure 4.7 Group test report Chapter 4 – Figure 4.8 Stanford Diagnostic Reading Test: Primary-grade individual record

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