Evaluating Your Own Risk for Inherited Disease

Consider your own health and health risks. What genetic diseases or problems might you face during your lifetime? Predisposition to heart disease, breast cancer, diabetes? You may also complete this activity with information gathered from an individual other than yourself, such as a family member or friend. Then, in a paper of about 1,500 words, address the following issues:What genetic diseases or problems were determined to be potential issues?What mode of inheritance do you think this disease/trait follows? Why? (Explain your thinking here very thoroughly; this should take up about half of the length of the assignment).What other information would help you draw better conclusions about this disease?What problems did you encounter in gathering information about your family’s history or that of the person you interviewed?If you were to have a child, what could you tell him or her about his/her chances of inheriting the diseases based upon your research about the inheritability of the trait you are researching?Finally, visit the KU library by clicking on the “Library” link on the KU Campus homepage. Select the option to perform an advanced search. Find two references that pertain to the disease/trait you selected. Record the methods that you used to discover these sources, and answer the following questions:Which search term(s) did you use?Did you use combinations of search terms?Which methods resulted in the most “hits” or results?Did you refine any of your searches? In other words, did you perform an initial search and then further narrow the results?Also, briefly explain whether the references support or contradict your previous conclusions.Proper APA formatting must be flollowed

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