EXCEL MINI-PROJECT: STOCK INVESTMENT PORTFOLIODATE: SEPTEMBER 29, 2013DUE DATE: October 8, 2014For this project each student is required to create a fictitious stock portfolio by investing a total of $1,000,000 (not real money) in four technology companies (e.g. Amazon, Facebook, Apple and Google). Create your own portfolio by distributing $1,000,000 evenly across the four companies.  You buy each stock at the closing price of today (September 29, 2014), and your investment would last until December 3, 2014. You will make trade decision, analyze the portfolio’s performance, and create charts using Excel to evaluate the relative performance of the stocks in the portfolio. You can use Yahoo! Finance to get all of the necessary information.ACTIVITY ASSIGNMNETS QUESTIONS:Select 4 technology companies in which you would like to invest $1,000,000.Create one worksheet for each stock and import the daily stock prices of each stock starting from January 1, 2014.Label the worksheet by the ticker of the stock.Filter the table and freeze the top row of the table and the labels should appear as follows:Stock Price TableTickerDateOpenHighLowCloseVolumeDetermine the number of shares for each stock that you bought at today’s closing price. Create a worksheet named Investment Portfolio which holds the following information:TickerDate#of sharesPrice per shareInvestment amount by stockStock#1Stock#2Stock#3Stock#4Total Investment

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