Security and Privacy on Social Networking Sites

Case Study: After reviewing the case studies (Security and Privacy on Social Networking Sites, Security for social networking, Social Networking and Security Risks & WP Security Guide to Social Networks) use the Finding Page document and answer (A) What are the security and privacy risks associated with social networking and (B) what are the issues, procedures & best practices companies should implement and (C) how else can you minimizing risks?Internet/Exercise Problem: Enter and surf the term “Disaster Recovery Testing Services” in search and find 3 companies that provide those services/tools, then use the Finding Page document and answer/evaluate (A) what are some of the tools/services being offered and (B) what are the benefits of using these outside services versus in-house, how effectively can they be and (C) after reviewing these templates (Business Continuity Test Template, BCP-template, T-BC8000-exercise-template, DR7000-test-lessons-learned & F-DR7000-test-objectoves-by-team) what are the key components, what’s their value, usefulness for the organization?

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