Transgenic Organism 400 words

Responses should be at least 400 words and written in your own words with citations, if appropriate.A transgenic organism is an organism that includes DNA from another organism in the cells of its body. This DNA is not only present, but also read and the proteins it encodes produced. Transgenics are created by inserting DNA into the host cell, selecting for those cells that successfully took up the DNA, and then altering the environment of that cell to allow it to grow to adult form. This is not the same as asexual reproduction because asexual reproduction produces a clone. Genetic recombination is occurring here, making it more similar to sexual reproduction.What is a transgenic organism?In your own words, explain the process of creating such an organism.If such an organism is created, we may wish to clone it to get many individuals with the new gene. Is this the same as asexual reproduction? Why or why not?As always, feel free to discuss your own personal experiences as well as outside research you have done on the topic (with references, of course).Cite Material please, and folow apa guidelines

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