User Interview Report

User interview: Each student will be required to interview a user. Not just any user, but either an older user (50 or older), or a user with a disability. This person cannot be a computer professional, or have a degree in computing. You should use the following five questions as a basis for your interview: How do you use computers or technology in your daily life? What do you like about the technologies that you use? What problems do you have related to technology usage? When you have a problem with your technology, how do you usually respond? How would you like to be using technology 10 years from now? You might also want to watch the user, utilizing a technology. You should submit a final report, which is approx. 10 pages long, and describes your interview with them. You can also add your own thoughts and perceptions. This is a reflection paper, not a research paper, so no references are required.

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