A research paper about visiting a museum? 6 full pages?

In this research paper you must answer these questions below:ü  Which museum did you visit? ü  What was your reaction upon entering the museum?what do you feel about this museum?How is your feeling about the paintings and sculptures?What surprised you at the museum? ü  Were there any artists or artworks you recognized? ü  Was there a particular artist, artwork, genre of art, or exhibition that attracted you? ü  What did you like the most/least about your visit?  ü  What predispositions/stereotypes of museums did you have prior to your visit?  Did this research alter or reinforce them?  Research Format: ü  six full pages!! ü  Typed. ü  Double Spaced. ü  1” Margins. ü  12-point font ü  Don’t forget to proofread your paper!Attention:-If you can make it high school level that would be great!strong argument

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