4 page paper needed by tomorrow at 3pm

I need a 4 page paper written with at least 1 paragraph for each part pertaining to the things I have learned about myself after taking the SAL (Prentice Hall Assessment Test online, I will provide my SAL results for you so you can know what to write. There is a lot to cover in each of these sections, so focus on the most significant things you think I can use from each section. Use headings for each section, as in Part I: What About Me?  Part II: Working with others Part III: Life in Organizations  (3 subheadings) Use correct APA format for every element of the paper. Be sure to include the APA-formatted cover page, abstract, and reference page. Reference your APA manual for help. Write in first person.To facilitate the instructor’s grading of these assignments, you must have major headings for Step 1, Step 2, and Step 3. Additionally, under the major heading of Step 1, you must have subheadings for each separate section of the Personality test—“What about Me?”, “Working with Others”, and “Life in Organizations.” That means that you need 3 subheadings for Step 1.The minimum of 4 required pages does not include the title page, abstract page, or reference page. Those must be counted as additional pages. You will likely find that it will be difficult to address all of these things in only 4 pages, but that constraint is part of the exercise itself. Learning to write succinctly and efficiently will improve your communication skills, regardless of the setting. Because you only have 4 pages to discuss all these components, be concise.Be sure to double-space, use 1-inch margins, and avoid bold font (except for headlines, per current APA format), underlining, and contractions.The reference page must include a minimum of the 5 following references in current APA format: ·  The course textbook (either Type Talk at Work or Organizational Behavior), ·  The Prentice Hall’s Self-Assessment Online Library, ·  1 scholarly source from a peer-reviewed journal, ·  “The Gospel and Personal Reflection” by Dr. Fischer, and

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