Business Statistics and Quantative Analysis

No need for cover sheet. Just around 300 words. APA format standardsWhen the results of a survey or poll are published, the sample size and the margin of error are both given. For example: 1000 voters were surveyed and 39±2% of the voters agree with the president. In this example N=1000 and the margin of error (MoE) is 2%. This website lists several public opinion polls. Search the site and find a poll where the sample size and margin of error are given. Try to find a poll dealing with a topic in your profession or one in which you are really interested. Determine the following information for the selected poll results and include in your initial post:URL for the website Using your own words, state the topic of the poll in a full sentence. State the sample size and margin of error. Interpret the results of your poll using your own words and full sentences. Note: Depending on the question asked, your poll may have more than one poll result – you only need to discuss one result. Looking at the results with respect to the margin of error, do you think there is a significant difference in the responses to the different questions being asked? What role could sampling have played in determining these results?

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