Collaborative Plan question

Collaborative Plan As the Information Literacy (IL) librarian in a school’s media center, your collaborative role includes supporting the classroom teacher as he or she plans for instruction and instructing students in the IL resources available to them as they pursue their own learning.  In an eight- to ten-page paper (not including title and reference pages), complete the following: Describe relevant strategies and considerations for supporting the classroom teacher in preparing his or her curriculum. Describe relevant strategies and considerations for instructing students in available IL resources. How will you identify needs, plan for instruction, and assess learning outcomes?Identify and describe the instructional modes as well as the traditional and emerging technologies that will best support both the classroom teacher’s preparation and student learning.Using the instructional goal from your Week Three assignment, develop a synchronous, face-to-face learning activity that addresses one or more of your learning objectives using a learner-centered approach. Remember to include an introduction and a conclusion, use proper APA format, and cite your scholarly sources (a minimum of three in addition to the course text) appropriately.

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