Contemporary Issue

Choose a contemporary issue or trend in criminal justice and security today (sex offenders, gun violence, gun control,war on drugs, terrorism, cyber crime, cyberbullying, evidence based practices, privitization of jails/prisons, etc.); a non-exhaustive list will be discussed in class.  Conduct research on the issue and prepare a 1 – 2 page APA-formatted executive summary on the chosen topic.  The executive summary should be a short, summarized version of a longer paper or presentation.  It is similar to an abstract, but is less formal (many examples are provided on line and by APA).  The executive summary should summarize the issue, discuss the historical and contemporary problem / benefit for society, the harm, and how it is being delt with by society.  It must contain an educated opinion, prediction or finding based on evidence and research.  Executive summaries should have both a strong but brief introduction and conclusion.Post the executive summary to the assignments tab.

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