Cts ;524 discussions

CIS 524 week10 discussion 1’Characterizing Data Types’ Please respond to the following:Justify characterizing data types according to task taxonomy. Support your response.Assess the value to an interface designer, of being familiar with the seven basic tasks and create an argument for which three of the seven basic tasks are the most important to incorporate in a design.——————————————CIS-524 week10 discussion2’Information Visualization’ Please respond to the following:Despite increases in computing power and network bandwidth, many user interfaces are still largely text oriented, with a few icons and illustrations. Discuss at least three reasons why text-oriented interfaces are still the most common. ¬†From the e-Activity, identify the tool you would be most likely to use in a design project and explain why you selected it.———————————————-Plrase do each discussion separate.Please do each discussion one page only.Please provide references for each ¬†discussion———————————

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