discussion/short answer:Foreign Markets

From the second e-Activity, examine the results of the selected company. Determine whether or not the search results positively or negatively affect the company’s image. Provide recommendations for improving the search results and company Website.From the second e-Activity, evaluate the different types of marketing approaches. Determine what the best marketing approach (trade shows, personal sales calls, product samples, etc.) would be the best approach for the selected company. Develop a brief strategic marketing plan that would assist the selected competing business in becoming involved in the exporting business. Support your selection.e-activity:Go to the Export-Import Bank of the United States’ Website to view the interactive map titled, “Congressional District and State Date: United States at a Glance FY 2007-2012”. Click on TEXAS. Once on TEXAS’s page. There will be a “Show only” section that lists the categories that you can streamline your search with (small business, minority-owned, women-owned, environmentally beneficial, and renewable energy). Segment the search information by checking one of the boxes of a category that is meaningful to you. From the segmented information, select a business that interests you. Next, use the Internet to search for the company’s Website and any other information pertaining to the company (reviews, news articles, etc.). If the business that you selected does not have a Website, please choose another business that does. Review the search results for the selected company.

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