Hcs 440 week 3 dq 2

The wave of Medicare baby boomers combined with millions of newly insured and dramatic increases in Medicaid recipients pose access-to-care concerns. One might question who is going to take care of these people? The challenge is trying to get enough physicians and other professionals and paraprofessionals available and making the delivery system more efficient with a focus on quality.Read the short article @ this link: https://www.aamc.org/newsroom/reporter/april11/184178/addressing_the_physician_shortage_under_reform.htmlGiven the information in Getzen & Allen (2007) in regard to physician supply and demand and the elements contained in the Mann article, share your ideas relative to the economic impact to the health care sector, both from a provider and consumer perspective.Think about the considerations like the control over physician supply and licensure in the United States. (Again, the course materials, readings and weekly supplemental materials are great sources of information on this topic as well as individual research).

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