Learning Styles journal

Learning Styles Using the Journal tab, complete the following: In a 1-2 page journal entry, write a self-reflection.  What type of learner are you?  You can decide based on the results of a learning styles instrument, or just think about what types of learning experiences are most effective for you (the Learning Styles Table found in your text’s accompanying CD is a great tool).  Now examine the ways you teach.  Do you tend to teach in a way that is most like the way you learn?  If so, what would be an alternative approach you could develop that would move you out of your own comfort zone for learning? Your journal is an informal, reflective piece that does not require citations or APA format.  However, if you choose to use resources, please cite them appropriately. TEXTGrassian, E. & Kaplowitz, J. (2009). Information literacy instruction: Theory and practice (2nd ed.).  New York, NY: Neal-Schuman Publishers, Inc

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