MGM375-1403A-02: Quality and Supply Chain Management

MGM375-1403A-02: Quality and Supply Chain Management Quality Methodologies Part 1 APA style Due Wednesday by 6 pm Write 500–700 words that respond to the following questions with your thoughts, ideas, and comments. The CEO has done quite a bit of reading in some of the major quality improvement programs that are available to both the company and to its vendor base. He asked you to describe how a company would go about picking one that would work best for it. He specifically asked the following questions: ü  What criteria should be used? ü  How would you gather information about each kind of program? ü  How you would monitor whether the implementation was a success? ü  Why do you think there have been a number of these major quality improvement programs over time; in other words, why hasn’t one been accepted as the ideal one? Part 2 APA style Due by Friday 1100-1300 words Create an APA style paper, comparing and contrasting any pair from among these formal quality improvement programs: Joseph Juran’s Trilogy program, Edward Deming’s Quality program, Six Sigma, and Philip Crosby’s Quality is free book. Your compare and contrast paper should include the following factors: Ø  The main premise of the program Ø  Key requirements for successful implementation Ø  Initial steps to implement it Possible References

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