MGT 460 Week 3 Quiz ( I need quiz in one hour)

MGT 460 Week 3 Quiz  Question1  With regard to feedback, a leader should…   Be clear about what characteristics a subordinate possesses that are dysfunctional Ask others for feedback   Provide reports to each subordinate so that subordinates can compare their performance to others subordinates know when they do not have the capability to improve their performance Question 2.  What are the two main types of interviews:   Unstructured and projective Unstructured and stress Structured and unstructured  Structured and situational Question 3.  A way to undermine trust in leadership is to… Encourage your direct reports to speak the truth Explain a situation in different ways to different subordinates so they will understand Reward direct reports who are contrarians  Encourage direct reports to challenge leadership Question 4.  An overarching goal or strategies for a top leader might be to be sure each vice president understands the meaning of…   Delighting customers  Monitoring subordinates  Having detailed roles and responsibilities for each direct report  Timing announcements to match stock market expectations and report dates Question 5.  What type of question is focused on understanding how a candidate may behave in a hypothetical situation: Behaviorally-based  Job-related  Job knowledge  Situational Question 6.  What is the best strategy for making recognition an effective motivator?  Recognize only the people who had substantial input to accomplishing a goal  Waiting until you are certain that the goal has been achieved Giving a cash bonus Recognizing everyone involved in an accomplishment, even those in the back office who were behind the scenes Question 7.  How often should a leader evaluate a subordinate’s performance?  Once a year when the organization requires a formal performance appraisal form be completed and shared with the subordinate  Every day if possible  After major accomplishments have been completed  Whenever the subordinate acts in a way that demonstrates one or more weakness Question 8.  How does a goal statement differ from a strategy or tactic statement? A goal statement indicates what you want to accomplish A goal statement indicates what you plan to do  A goal statement indicates what you expect from subordinates  Strategy is the overall direction of the company whereas a goal statement is what each person needs to do to affect that Question 9.  One-to-one leadership requires competencies that support…  Time management  Setting parameters and controls over human resource practices Performance management Distributing and explaining corporate financial reports to employees Question 10.  Which would not be considered a developmental assignment?  Being given a highly visible task that is important to the organization’s success  Being given feedback and asked to use it to improve one’s performance   Leading a start-up—for instance, a new support department or line of business Opening a new office

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