Nanotechnology and Rare Earth Elements

Please respond to one (1) of the following four (4) options:Assess the overall benefits and drawbacks of nanotechnology, as well as special considerations for safety. Given the unique nature of nanoscience, its broad range of applications, and possible impacts on human health and the environment, assess the state of current regulations over nanotechnology, as well as the efficacy of those regulations. Describe any changes that you think should be made to the current regulations. Describe the importance of rare earth elements in science and technology. Assess the most common uses of these elements, particularly as encountered in your daily life, as well as projections for future demand of these minerals resources. Discuss the current global availability of rare earth elements. Assess which nations are the top producers and the implications of rare earth element mining in these nations. Note: Please think in terms of economic impacts, environmental concerns, and human rights.

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