Probing Question Assignment

Probing Question Assignment Virtual Teams  The advances in networking communications technologies and the expansion of the global economy have significantly changed both teams and the nature of work at the enterprise. Organizations have become more distributed cross-geography and across industries. Relationships between stakeholders inside the organization and those previously considered outside (customers, supplies, communities) are becoming more important. Organizations have discovered the value of collaborative work and forced to change work processes. Today, there is a new kind of work group “virtual team” made up of people who communicate electronic via several modes (GoToMeeting, social media, etc.). Its members may hardly ever see each other in person. In fact, they never meet at all, except in cyberspace. Most of you either are or will be in managerial position leading a team of professionals and will be faced with the challenge of managing virtual teams. In your opinion what are the challenges in forming virtual teams? How would you manage such teams? What a typical technology infrastructure and architecture an enterprise must have to accommodate this type of collaborative work? What are the implications (financial, organizational, technological, legal, etc.) for the enterprise in relaying on virtual teams to accomplish its goals and objectives? You narrative explanation should not exceed 2000 words.

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