Public Admin Policy 2

Identify who the various actors are in the process of policy making.      b) Explain the idealistic model of completerationality and describe why critics suggest that themodel is unattainable, exploring the concepts of boundedrationality, ‘satisficing,’ and ‘incrementalism.’      c) Discuss the limitations that cause incrementalismand explain the difference between the ‘root’ and ‘branch’methods of policy decision making,including the advantagesand disadvantages of each.      d) Discuss the public choice framework proposed by Charles Tiebout and the concept of citizens ‘voting with their feet.’      e) Discuss the challenges to Tiebout’s model and the shortcomings of citizens as efficient policymakers.      f) Discuss the institutional rational choice in contrast with the public choice framework.      g) Despite all of these competing frameworks, explain where we are left as far as how public policy is molded and how heuristics have become the standard.

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