Seven Elements of police organizational structure

Using the seven elements of police organizational structure described in this chapter, wheredoes it appear that you would need to reorganize the agency, especially to accommodateCOPPS? Write 300 words APA formatat, do not try and use in-text citations to fill word count use the information below to try and help.#1 Malfunction JunctionJunction City, a rapidly growing community of 150,000 residents, is an agriculturally based arealocated in the center of the state, about 20 miles from the ocean. The city gains a population of10,000 to 20,000 visitors a day during the summer months, when ocean recreation is a popularactivity. Owing to local growth in the meat-packing industry, the city’s demographics are changingrapidly, especially its Hispanic population. The downtown area of the city has slowly deterioratedover the past few years, resulting in increased crime and disorder. A property tax cap has resultedin reduced revenues to local jurisdictions, and the recent recession has taken a substantial toll onthe city’s budget; the result has been significant reductions in staffing. The police department nowhas 100 sworn and 35 nonsworn personnel, and has experienced its share of budget cuts andstaff reductions. The chief of police of 10 years’ duration retired recently, leaving an agency that isstill very traditional in nature and has a growing number of desk-bound administrative personneland degree of rank structure (corporal, sergeant, lieutenant, captain, deputy chief, commander,and chief). The morale of the department is poor due to the increases in workload resulting fromtourism and agricultural expansion. You have been hired as the new police chief. As a result of thecurrent situation, the city manager and council are calling for an emergency meeting with you todiscuss the future of the department. They explain that at a recent council retreat, they heard aconsultant’s presentation on the implementation and operation of community policing and problemsolving. They are now seeking your views on this strategy, its potential for Junction City, andhow you might approach its implementation. (Note: They emphasize that you are to explain howyou might reorganize the police department to move away from its current traditional organization,with only one police facility and its administration- and rank-laden status.)

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