The Role of the ILI Librarian

The Role of the ILI Librarian Watch the video titled 21st Century Media Center. Then, in a two- to three-page paper (not including title and reference pages), consider this quote from Nancy Robertson, State Librarian of Michigan, which can be found in the video:  “Our students are moving into the 21st century, and the libraries and librarians are the cultivators of the ever-changing landscape of online and other types of resources that are available to help them be successful in that journey.” With that quote in mind, respond to the following:Explain the role of Information Literacy Instruction (ILI) Librarians.Describe what is or should be the role of the librarian in teaching or training for information literacy (IL) and how this role fits with the roles and activities of others, especially classroom teachers, within the school setting. Refer to the video, your text, and at least one additional scholarly source in your paper. Please remember to cite your sources using proper APA format.

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