W8 Assignment BA405

W8 Assignment ‘Mind Map’  toolbar  navigation  MindMap· Create a PowerPoint or Mind Map explaining key concepts you havediscovered about yourself during the course of this class.· If you make a PowerPoint, use the Notes area to explain yourthoughts on each slide.  If you create a PowerPoint presentation it shouldbe no less than 5 slides with at least three ideas on each slide.· If you make a mind map – create a Word document that goes alongwith it, describing your map. If you create a Word document it should be aminimum of 1000 words, double-spaced, APA style.· To learn about mind maps click here for a 6min video This video talks about a software called iMindMap – you do NOThave to use this tool but there is a free demo version if you want to play withit. Microsoft Word or Paint work really well. You can also draw and scan theimage if that works well for you.

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