Week 4 Management and waitstaff online training

The Critical Thinking assignments in this course build upon each other to help you complete the final Portfolio Project, an instructional design blueprint for a business or organization seeking to implement online teaching and learning. Based on the profile you created in Module 2 and the needs assessment in Module 3, this week you will explore ways to integrate relevant theories into your design blueprint. For each of the learning theory topics that follow, brainstorm about instructional design considerations specific to your selected business/organization and the identified learning and learner needs from your needs assessment: •Basic Theories of Learning: Behaviorism, Cognitivism, and Constructivism, and Abraham Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs •Malcolm Knowles’s Adult Learning (or Andragogy) •Individual Characteristics of Learning: Motivation, Goals, Experience, Culture, and Generational Differences •Impact of the online learning environment on instruction Prior to outlining the design considerations for each of the three topics above, you will first need to describe your identified learners and their needs. This information should be taken from the results of your needs assessment assignment completed in Module 3. Please ensure that your work is well written, supported by two to three scholarly sources, and 2-3 pages in length APA formatted Plagiarism Checked

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