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Using APA style for formatting, your midterm is to write a research paper between  7-9 pages in length.  Your paper needs a cover sheet (your name, date, TOURO COLLEGE,  Course 620 and Professor’s name) and a reference page as well [APA].Reference owl.english.purdue.edu as a guide for APA standards for writing and referencing. Be sure to include a reference list and in-text citations from our 2 required textbooks and atleast 2 professional educational journal articles found through educational search engines such as Proquest, ERIC, etc. You must use educational journals, magazines, online articles will not be accepted.YOU HAVE A CHOICE, either the topic is The Application of Vygotsky’s Approach to Child Development to Education today OR The Application of Piaget’s Approach to Child Development to Education today. You are required to use both required texts as a source and then use atleast 2-3 professional journal articles.  Your reference list MUST include both textbooks and between 2-3 professional journal articles.Critical thinking will be rewarded, compare/contrast, make application, show me that you are interacting with the research.  Use many quotes from the research in your paper, each page should show citations and high level critical thinking.  I highly recommend looking at Bloom’s taxonomy.  It is a valuable educational tool to all students.The two texts are: Understanding Children’s Development by Peter K. Smith, Helen Cowie, and Mark Blades, Blackwell Publishers, 2003.The Neo-Vygotskian Approach to Child Development by Yuriy Karpov, CambridgeUniversity Press, 2005

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