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Student Name: Class: ME2600 Instructor: Section: Date: Learning Plan: 1.1 Topic: Medical Billing-How it encompasses HIPAA, Documents and Medical Record    Assignment: In this assignment you are to use the readings from Chapters 1-3 in the Guide to Medical Billing and prepare a typed, one(minimum) page paper discussing the following points as if you are providing an overview for a potential employer: Part 1 Your perceived job responsibilities as a medical biller in at least two (2) of your preferred healthcare settings.Your perceived responsibilities in protecting the patients’ privacy under the Privacy section of the HIPAA guidelines, while still being diligent in seeking and getting proper payment for services rendered– Include any correspondence guidelines and exceptions to the HIPAA privacy guidelines in order to continue to conduct business as usual.Provide details on how you would deal with information being released on a patient without his or her authorization and if you would notify that patient?  Would you document it in the patient record? Would you notify the physician?  Would a signature card for release of information be helpful to know who to release information to?Provide a scenario when you were provided a disclaimer and asked to agree to it in a healthcare setting and describe how you would explain it to a patient where they will be receptive.Your perceived description of instances of fraud within a healthcare environment and who it affects.  Can false claims be curbed through having the patients provide a new insurance signature card every 3-4 months instead of just one time? Part 2 Describe your perception of what a medical record is and what documents you should find in that record.  Are those documents in any type of order or just thrown together-describe the order. Does a child’s record include different documents?  How would an unorganized record affect the billing process?  Discuss the importance of the following forms: Patient Information, Authorization to Release Information and the Assignment of Benefit form.  What other forms are important to the flow of a medical office? How are paper medical records typically filed and stored when not in use?  Would you recommend a different method?  What is your perception of using an electronic medical records (EMR) system instead of a paper record system? List pros and cons of each system.Think about how easily a lawsuit can be filed towards ANYONE-how can the documentation in the chart protect you from being sued.  What recommendations would you have in documenting in order to protect yourself, your employer and other team members? The paper will include the following guidelines: Double spaced12 point font1 inch marginsSeparate title page Submit this assignment to your instructor via the dropbox “LP1.1 Assignment: Medical Billing Paper.” This assignment is worth 40 points. Student Name: Class: ME2600 Instructor: Section: Date: Learning Plan: 1.1 Topic: Medical Billing-How it encompasses HIPAA, Documents and Medical Records

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