Business Production Control

2. Which of the following is the first to be chosen when a tie occurs in Kilbridge and Wester’s heuristic procedure? Choose the shortest operation times that can be used. Choose the longest operation times that can be used. Choose the operation with the smallest number on the precedence diagram. none of the above4. _____ is a higher order planning system than _____. This higher order distribution requirements planning system examines resource availability such as storage space in warehouses, trucking capacity, railroad boxcar availabilities, distribution workforce commitments, and training. It also treats cash flow needed to keep the distribution system performing successfully.DRP; DRP2 DRP2; DRPMRP; DRP   MRP2; DRP9. Among the varying set of heuristics, which of the following choices is employed to establish preference for choosing the next operation to be assigned to a station? (Points : 1)   longest operation time, ti largest number of immediate followers random choice of the next operation, i all of the above Question 10. 10. Queuing models make certain specific assumptions.  Which of the following choices are reasonable assumptions under certain circumstances? (Points : 1) The source of arrivals is large enough to be considered infinite. There are limited accommodations for a waiting line. Customers line up to receive service which is granted on a FIFO basis. If the waiting line is long customers begin to defect (leave the line)all of the above

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