CM Case Analysis: Transportation and Warehousing Description

For your Unit 4 assessment, you will create a Microsoft PowerPoint presentation to explain Walmart’s transportation and warehousing strategy to potential investors and lenders. When creating your presentation, include the following information:Slide 1: List the presentation title, the company name, the date, and your name.Slide 2: Describe the overall transportation objectives of the company.Slide 3: Describe and evaluate the modes of transportation that the company uses to move products from factory to customers.Slide 4: Identify the locations of the factories and warehouses.Slides 5–6: Evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of the locations for the organization’s factories and warehouses.Slide 7: Analyze the economic and political factors that can impact their transportation and warehousing network.Slide 8: Describe how technology is used to manage the organization’s transportation and warehousing network.Slide 9: Make recommendations for improving the organization’s transportation and warehousing network.Slide 10: List of references using APA format. Include at least three resourcesYou may use additional slides, if necessary. Provide your information as a bulleted list on the slides and insert explanations where applicable. Use the notes section in MS PowerPoint to add additional information and clarity to your presentation.

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