Demonstrate the use of pointers In C language.

Build a program that allows a user to select one of the following four menu options: enter new integer value, print pointer address, print integer address, and print integer value. For this program you will need to create two variables: one integer data type and one pointer. Using indirection, assign any new integer value entered by the user through an appropriate pointer.I need help to fix my code:#include main() { int d=0, *dPtr; char c;¬† dPtr=&d; printf(‘Menu Options:n’); printf(‘a. a new integer value.n’); printf(‘b. a pointer address.n’); printf(‘c. the address of an integer.n’); printf(‘d. the value of an integer.n’); scanf(‘%c’, &c); switch(c){ case ‘a’: printf(‘Enter an integer:’); scanf(‘%d’, &d); break; case ‘b’: printf(‘%p’, dPtr); break; case ‘c’: printf(‘%p’, &d); break; case ‘d’: printf(‘%dn’, d); break; } }

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