Discussion Post 4: Astronomical Objects

For this discussion:Find 2 good pictures or videos of features in the solar system. For ideas for what to search, you can choose any of the names of the planets or planetary moons, or choose from the Key Terms on page 663, or the section about the Sun in your text, pages 678-683.Briefly describe what you have found for your classmates, explaining what each of your objects or features is, how they were formed, and other interesting facts that you find in your research.  You may use Wikipedia for this assignment.Include references for the pictures and video.  A website such as citefast.com makes it very easy to put your references in correct form.  At citefast.com, choose APA style and fill in the information that you have reasonably available.Do this post in a word processing document and then attach it to the discussion board using the ‘Attach File’ tool  found in the bottom row of the toolbar.  This will give you much better control of the formatting than you would have by posting to the discussion board directly.

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