English Research/Proposal Argument)

my topic :Is there too much pressure on Girls to Have ‘perfect’ Bodies? you will turn in topic proposal, literary review and final essayRequirements:The essay will be between 5-6 pages, and the Works Cited will be a minimum of four sources (book, scholarly article, and two others). The essay will be in MLA format.Instructions:You will create a proposal argument (practical or policy) on a new or existing issue to focus on for this final assignment. It will be necessary to follow the three-part structure of a proposal argument:Description of a problemProposed solutionJustification for the solutionHow to find a topic: the topic above or you can chose from this site http://learning.blogs.nytimes.com/2014/02/04/200-prompts-for-argumentative-writing/?_r=0 (Links to an external site.)if you need any sample about topic proposal and literary review just let me know.No plagiarism

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