Final Year Undergraduate Computing Related Projected 2013-14 Final Proposal Form

Want this assignment be done immediately you bid. Project Title:  Enterprise Resource Planning Cloud Based Project Aim: To investigate the long term merits and demerits with possible short terms, derived in an organization through adoption of cloud computing based on enterprise resource planning management system. Project Objectives: 1.  To identify potential advantages and disadvantages of cloud based business enterprise resource planning management software 2.  Indentify and analyze if cloud computing based business resource planning software could be a suitable choice over the traditional critical applications  3.  To make a systematic review on security, privacy and confidentiality for adopting cloud computing 4.  In order to identify the essential facts of successfully implementing ERP system 5.  So as to identify the efficiency and needs of an individual. 6.  To improve the internal and external business processes through successfully implemented ERP systems. Rationale: Enterprise Resource Planning systems, ERP, are cloud based for collecting, storing, and sharing of organizational data within its frames. Data has been witnessed disappearing and being destroyed. Internet is currently a marketplace platform for various companies to sale. Therefore, it is necessary to identify and discussed cloud based system that most companies should apprehend.

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