HCOM 100 Speech Critique

Speech Critique: InstructionsThis assignment is designed for you to apply the theory and skills you have learned in class. You should plan on attending a live speech (you will be part of the live audience).Grammar and syntax play an important role in your ability to convey arguments. I will deduct 20% from your total score for every five (5) grammatical errors. Please proofread all of your assignments. Late assignments will not be accepted.Please address the following criteria in your work (you may opt to use the criteria as “headers” in your work):Criterion 1: DESCRIPTION OF THE SPEECHPlease note the type of speech you are criticizing (informative, persuasive,…?). Also, note the context of the speech. In other words, did you attend a school seminar, a house of worship, a political rally, or what? Explain. Describe the demographics of the audience.Criterion 2: ASSESSMENT OF THE INTRODUCTION OF THE SPEECHDid the speaker provide a thesis statement? What is it? Did the speaker use attention-getting devices? What were they? How effective were they? Did the speaker provide the overview of the speech? In what form was it presented? Was it in narrative form? Outline form? Overall, did the speaker’s introduction allow you to anticipate topics within the speech? Explain.Criterion 3: ASSESSMENT OF THE BODY OF THE SPEECHHow did the speaker support claims? What type of evidence was used? Were the sources of this evidence credible? Why or why not? How closely did the speech adhere to the overview, if any, provided at the beginning? Explain.Criterion 4: ASSESSMENT OF THE CONCLUSION OF THE SPEECHHow did the speaker finalize the claims? In other words, what links tied the speech? Were these links effective/ineffective? Why? Did the initial speech framework coincide with the concluding remarks? Did the speaker stray from the established logical frame? Explain.Criterion 5: ASSESSMENT OF THE SPEAKERHow did the speaker’s style affect your overall reaction to the speech? For example, did the speaker’s use of eye contact, pitch, vocal rate…distract you from the intended message? How? What types of proofs were used to gain credibility? What other stylistic devices were effective/ineffective? Explain.Criterion 6: RECOMMENDATIONSAfter assessing the various components of the speech, provide your recommendations for improvement. It is NOT acceptable to provide recommendations without elaboration. In other words, do not write, “…I didn’t like the speech…just because.” If you make a claim, then substantiate that claim. Use evidence from your text or lecture material. Always answer the WHY question.Due at (Saturday 6 PM)

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