Human Resources assignment

These are 2 different assignment B165-Training_Plan_Template (7).doc You are the training coordinator in the human resources department. Your supervisor has asked you to create a Customer Service training program using new methods of training. Create a training plan for this Customer Service program. . Congratulations on hiring the new Claims Supervisor for Epic Health Solutions! The person selected was an outside candidate so she will need orientation to the company, the department, and the job. The new-hire is scheduled to start in 2 weeks. The CEO is counting on you to design an onboarding and training plan which will provide her with the necessary tools to function independently. Download this Training Plan Template and use it to provide a framework for the development of your Training Plan. Need to put the answer in the template————————————————————————————————————————————. You are the HRIS coordinator in the human resources department. As such, you enter data, run reports, and maintain the system. The HRIS system you are using is ten years old, located on a single computer, and not networked. You have been given a budget and approval to recommend a new system. Conduct academic research on HRIS software selection process. In a 3 page report, prepared in APA style with at least two references, do the following: Define the processes you think the new system should be able to perform Describe why the system should be networked and available on the company server or in the cloud Explain how the new system will save money over the next two years

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