I need help with Sula Book by Toni Morrison

Hello, I have a research about Sula book and here what i need : ( persuade/convince ) ( character) Title: part of persuasion body of paper. 1st paragraph : intro, thesis statement and topic sentence.2nd paragraph: standard 1st paragraph, topic sentence.3rd paragraph: research support.4th paragraph:: standerd 2nd paragraph, topic sentence. 5th paragraph : research support. 6th paragraph: standerd 3rd paragraph, topic sentence.7th paragraph: research support. 8th paragraph: conclusion. The research that I want is about ( The friendship between Nel and Sula )  I need you to write it as the format above step by step. The title would be about friendship or something like that. I have to handle the research tonight. Before you start it I need to know the details to make sure. Thank you.

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