im sorry yes use citation within

Arnold,Beauchamp,Bowie_2013_Ch2 pt1.pdfArnold,Beauchamp,Bowie_2013_Ch2 pt2.pdfArnold,Beauchamp,Bowie_2013_Ch3 pt1.pdfArnold,Beauchamp,Bowie_2013_Ch3 pt2.pdfArnold,Beauchamp,Bowie_2013_Ch6 pt1.pdfArnold,Beauchamp,Bowie_2013_Ch6 pt2.pdfArnold,Beauchamp,Bowie_2013_Ch7 pt1.pdfArnold,Beauchamp,Bowie_2013_Ch7 pt2.pdf Arnold,Beauchamp,Bowie_2013_Ch1.pdfWhere essay/short answer questions are used, you are expected to provide in-depth responses to the questions. Make sure you support all answers with research and follow the APA format. Proper citation of reference material is expected and required. Syllabus_2B_3-12-13_Model_2BSite_1_ _1_-4.docheres the syllabus so  u no what subject is in what chapterthese questions are referring to chapter 1,2,3,6,7please ask if you have any questionsinter citation examples: (Beauchamp, Bowie, & Arnold, 2013), according to Beauchamp, Bowie, and Arnold (2013) or ( pg. 400, para. 6)

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