The Final Project consists of building a customer service database to be submitted by the final day of the course.Focus of the Project1. Use the Access database you created in Week 3: Customer Service Database2. Output 3 queries using SQL code and not the standard access view: A query on all contacts in the customers table showing first name, last name, address, e-mail address and three additional fields from the table. An update query that changes one or more customer records but not all records. A delete query that removes one or more customer records but not all records.3. Using SQL commands, add a new field called Birthday to the Customers table. Populate some of the fields with data.4. Report on Customers in Database showing Names, State, and Phone Numbers.5. Create a report showing contact name and birthdays. Do not show records without a birthday.6. Analyze the data populated in the Database to show referential integrity. This includes a statement showing what the   affected tables in each dataset are and how they are impacted in the case of an addition of data or a deletion of data.7. All data and screen shots should be included in a Word document with a brief explanation of the actions you performed.

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