“Management Challenges for the 21st Century” by Peter F. Drucker

Book Report “Management Challenges for the 21st Century” by Peter F. Drucker   ISBN 0-88730-998-4 Peter Drucker was a visionary thinker who over the course of a long career as a writer, teacher, and consultant, authored twenty-six notable books that delved into the science of management.  He passed away in 2003 at the age of 96 still working and writing and teaching and defining what he called the Art and Science of Management. This book discusses how the many paradigms of management have, in Drucker’s opinion, continued to change and challenge our basic assumptions about the practices and principles of management. Your assignment is to read this book and elaborate on the “Hot Issues” identified by Dr. Drucker as critical to effective organizational leadership as we move forward in a dynamic global environment.  What are the realities …what are the forces that threaten the status quo….and what should we be doing to meet these challenges. The book is available on-line at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and a most other on-line used book companies.  Amazon seemed to have the largest inventory.  The used book prices are running from $3 to $10.    The paper will be a minimum of seven (7) pages andyou will use a 12point font (Times Roman), double space, with one inch margins.  It will be due no later than December 6th.  All work will be submitted in class (no e-mail submissions). Late assignments will be subject to grade reductions.

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