Marketing class ===> Organization: ‘8Wynn Resorts’

Organization: ‘8Wynn Resorts’1) Identify your organization’s dominate strategy.(Low cost) or (Differentiation) or (Customer Intimacy)  write some supporting evidence?To what degree do the other elements help support your organization’s dominate strategy? 2) Impact of E-commerce and social MediaHow does the organization use e-commerce and/or social media?what competitive advantage does your organization have based on its use of e-commerce and/or social media?3) Complete Industry Structure Analysis.provide a description of rivalry among existing firms?describe the threat of new entrant?list suppliers?list intermediaries & buyers?list substitutes?4) Creating Customer Satisfaction & Loyalty.Identify how your organization creates satisfaction and loyalty?What is the current satisfaction scores for your organization or a competitor’s organization? list the source5) Plan to Improve Customer Satisfaction and Lloyalty.Idea?Implementation plan?

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