Multinational Management

Teams and teamwork are impacted by the growth of a company to international stature.Select a foreign company that has come to the US (not the other way around!), describe how employees communicate between subsidiaries, how do they handle the time differences?How are meetings conducted? How much travel is involved for team members?If you were a leader in this foreign company, how would you persuade American workers to participate? Would you have trouble evaluating their performance?Answer each question.  Then Write a 3-5 minutes in length response explaining your thoughts on these results.  Also, provide an OUTLINE for your thoughts complete with 3-4 references. One reference must be from the textbook and CANNOT use Wikipedia or a dictionary website.  Managing the Global WorkforceCaligiuri, P., Lepak, D., & Bonache, J. (2010). Managing the Global Workforce (Global Dimensions of Business). Malden, MA: Wiley-Blackwell  ISBN: 9781405107327

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