Poetry Homework!!! The questions are under the poem!! ”URGENT’

To the Mercy KillersIf ever mercy move you murder me,I pray you, kindly killers, let me live.Never conspire with death to set me free,but let me know such life as pain can give.Even though I be a clot, an aching clench,a stub, a stump, a butt, a scab, a knob,a screaming pain, a putrefying stench,still let me live, so long as life shall throb.Even though I turn such traitor to myselfas beg to die, do not accomplice me.Even though I seem not human, a mute shelfof glucose, bottled blood, machineryto swell the lung and pump the heart — even so,do not put out my life.¬† Let me still glow.1-Is the occasion for or the setting of the poem important in understanding its meaning? If so, why?2- How important is the role of metrics ( sound effects), such as rhyme and rhythm? How do they affect tone and meaning?

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