Questions about Video’s for Social Science Class

This American Life: Back to School #474 The Psychopath Test #436 1.  Regarding the Back to School episode, how would you say this broadcast discusses and answers the question, ‘Are standardized testing results a reasonable method for evaluating teaching performance?’  If you were to conduct your own research on this question, how would you do it? 2.  Regarding the Psychopath Test episode, why is the Psychopath Test used in the prison system and what are the issues with using it?  Should it continue to be used? Why or why not. 3.  Do you think that policy implications should be considered in all research that is conducted? Back up your answer with the This American Life episodes and/or the text. 4.  What was the intention behind the creation of the psychopath test of the researcher? 5.  Regarding the education episode, what was one demonstrated way to research the topic that was quantitative and one that was qualitative?

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