Review / Edit Research Paper

Please check the attached Research Paper. Please review theresearch paper carefully and edit / make corrections as per the guidelines bellows.Need to remove less specific sentences / paragraph but stillretain the overall coherence – the paper maximum length should not be more than 3500 words.I need supporting academic citations in the introductionSome paragraphs are too long, need to break it down – Again I need more and more academic citationsThe paper must be 100% free of grammatical and spelling errors.Revise the heading and section of Literature review.Most importantly, I need more and more citationsMany of the references used in the paper are very old; I would appreciate if you base the report on more recent papers / sources. Perhaps the same authors might have published the newer edition of the same books.Page 7 has far too much subjective opinion; this has no relevance unless supported by academic citations – again, I need you to include Academic citations here.Page 8 also – citations needed, in fact I need throughout the report, a citation in at least almost every paragraph. Pls. help in explaining specifically how the formula on page 17 will help my specific research – you may either clarify its role very specifically or leave it out.In the conclusion, I need your help to refer back to the academic literature, state possible future research and quick review of what has been discovered so far.

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