Strategic Management – Case Analysis

READ THE ASSIGNED CASE REPORT: will follow after assigned . CLOSELY FOLLOW THE OUTLINE USING THE SAME HEADERS PROVIDED. Outline.pdf  PLEASE LET ME KNOW IF YOU CAN NOT VIEW THE OUTLINE DOCUMENT ATTACHEDTHE CASE WILL BE PROVIDED ONCE ASSIGNEDPay particular attention to the identification of alternatives step in your case analysis. It is important to think critically and creatively when generating alternatives. Here are just some things to consider in creating alternatives:1) one possibility may be to continue at the same level of activity2) redefine the problem from someone else’s point of view3) learn from experts, consultants, research findings4) do a quick survey of interested parties5) literature review of business and trade publications; case studies in similar industries6) Google the problem7) brainstorm with designated people8) think of metaphors or analogies that might apply9) consider doing more, doing less, substituting, combining, rearranging, reorganizing, changing location or timing10) ask employees directly involved with the problem or who will have to implement a solution

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