summary for my sociolinguistics class

the book ‘An introduction to Sociolinguistics’, written by Ronald Wardhaugh I would need summaries of chapters 6 through 14 (with the exception of chapter 12). Each summary doesn’t have to be THAT long, the length on paper is not that important. You can skip most of the unimportant so long as each one has enough content so that if you read it out loud it lasts 3 to 5 minutes (that part is CRUCIAL. Preferably closer to 5 min. than to 3 also). One specification I might add is that you give priorities to including words they defined on the chapter, then social experiments done, examples and then the rest. Other than that, knock yourselves out. You can find the 5th edition of the book as a free online pdf through this link: ¬† label each chapter summary so I will not confuse them

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